Music for Advent and Christmas for Viola da Gamba, Harp & Voice

Out of the darkness into the light… When the nights are darkest and all life dies outside, the longing for light and warmth, for hope, grows inside. No other story of humanity tells of this more vividly and touchingly than the Christmas story. No other instrument tells of it more eloquently than the harp, for it was already King David’s instrument. Viola da gamba and chant are added for colour, variety and proclaiming word. The works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods come from all over Europe and tell of the light that came into the darkness, full of wonder and joy, full of fear and hope…

Ensemble Art d’Echo

Instrumentation à 2: 1 viol, 1 baroque harp
Instrumentation à 3: 1 singer, 1 viol, 1 baroque harp