Premiere of the new production

In this concert the viola da gamba links up with the bandoneon: the 17th and 20th centuries tell their stories in turn and each in its own original language and form, before finally coming together in the tonal language of the 21st century in a contemporary composition, opening up new dimensions of the age-old human theme of passion.



John Dowland (1562-1626): Lachrimae or Seven Tears (1604)
Reiki Füting (*1970): “fall from your spring” for viols, lute and bandoneon (2020, World Premiere)
and works for solo bandoneon

Ensemble Art d’Echo
Juliane Laake – treble gamba, original concept and director
Antje Steen – bandoneon
Irene Klein – tenor gamba
Julia Vetö – tenor gamba
Heike Johanna Lindner – bass gamba
Christian Heim – violin
Magnus Andersson – lute