Historia der Geburt Christi SWV 435 · Historia der Auferstehung Jesu Christi SVW 450

Adam Riis, Evangelist
Else Torp, Die Engel
Jakob Bloch Jesperesen, Herodes

Johan Linderoth, Evangelist

Ars Nova Copenhagen
Concerto Copenhagen
Sirius Viols
directed by Paul Hillier
DaCapo 8.226093
release: 19.10.2009



“The beginning of the Christmas Story immediately establishes that the instrumental playing of the dozen-strong Concerto Copenhagen is of the very highest quality: the tasteful continuo playing and sympathetic violin ritornellos are a pleasure to hear. … Ars Nova Copenhagen reaffirms its status as an outstanding vocal ensemble with luminous and pure choral singing. Its members also provide excellent solos: Adam Riis’s soothing Evangelist perfectly narrates the nativity tale, Else Torp radiantly proclaims the good news to the shepherds and Jakob Block Jespersen’s regal Herod is frighteningly persuasive and plausible. The different groups of shepherds and wise men perform their contrapuntal trios with clarity and eloquence. Hillier paces and shapes Schütz’s music to perfection, allying flawless performance practice to distinctively warm-hearted story-telling. These qualities are also fully to the fore in an immaculately poised performance of the Resurrection Story, during which Johan Linderoth’s compassionate Evangelist is emotively partnered with Hille Perl’s consort Sirius Viols. Schütz recordings of such ardent beauty are much too rare, so this is not to be missed.” Gramophone, David Vickers, 29. September 2010