Age of Passion

Cover Age of Passion

Age of Passion

Lothar Hensel, Bandoneon
Ensemble Art d′Echo

Release Autumn 2021


 John Dowland
1 Lachrimae antiquae 00:04:24
Astor Piazzolla
2 Con el cielo en las manos 00:04:13
John Dowland
3 Lachrimae antiquae novae 00:03:47
Luis Di Matteo
4 Por dentro de mi 00:01:48
John Dowland
5 Lachrimae Gementes 00:04:21
Reiko Füting
6 fall from your spring 00:11:21
John Dowland
7 Lachrimae Coactae 00:04:06
Osvaldo Donato
8 La tapera 00:02:11
John Dowland
9 Lachrimae Amantis 00:03:39
Carlos Gardel
10 Mi Buenos aires querido 00:03:07
John Dowland
11 Lachrimae Verae 00:03:41
Astor Piazzolla
12 Oblivion 00:03:29


The viola da gamba meets the bandoneon: the 17th and 20th centuries narrate alternately, each in their very own language and form. Finally, they come into direct contact with each other in the tonal language of the 21st century and open up new dimensions in a contemporary composition.

Full of colour and richness of facets, openness and diversity, Age of Passion shows in a beguilingly sensual way how coherently the various musical languages, despite all their differences, interlock when it comes to the age-old human theme: passion.

»Grandiose mixture.« 9. Februar 2022,

»Sophisticated and sensitive.« 26. Oktober 2021,


Juliane Laake and the Ensemble Art d’Echo weave an inextricable braid of sounds on the theme of melancholy and passion in a layered contemplation of past and present.
The Elizabethan age with the songs of John Dowland that speak of tears, sighs, the pain of love and the nearness of death, then some tangos by Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel and Osvaldo Donato, contemporary music by Reiko Füting (“fall from your spring”) and the bandoneon virtuoso Luis Di Matteo (“Por dentro de mi”) and the marvel is complete.« Feuilletonscout, 2/2022